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Common factors that may lead to your travel claim to fail

Whenever there are problems that occur during or at the start of the trip, it may lead to the process of making an insurance claim to be even more stressful for an already bad experience.

But if you have made the necessary preparations, then the process of making the insurance claim can be destined to succeed quite easily. But there are some problematic factors that can cause insurance claim to fall short. Some of the issues are alcohol consumption, non disclosure among others.

The following are some of the reasons that may make your existing travel insurance policy cover to be deemed null and void which subsequently mean that you are not be given the necessary compensation.

  •         Not disclosing about a pre-existing medical problem.

Many people subscribe to a travel insurance policy cover to ensure that they are effectively protected from excess medical charges and costs should they get sick during the trip.

The problem is that not disclosing any medical problem or condition when signing on a cover policy can lead to the insurance company not catering for the medical costs. All these issues can easily be avoided by maintaining honesty when filling the insurance form and if there is a medical problem, the insurance can give you the appropriate medical cover.

  •         Not acting within the stipulated time.

The other factor is that you should always take the necessary actions as soon as possible. This means that you act within the given timespan and failure to do that may cause their contracts to get voided.

Additionally, if you fall ill while you are abroad you should start by contacting your travel insurance company to get the right authorization before getting the medical attention but this rule is exempted only in emergency cases.

Most insurance companies always have a 28 days period by which you are supposed to have made your claim which should be supported by evidence documents and certificates.

  •         Not having supporting insurance documents.

It is important that you have legally valid paperwork that supports your claim. For example, if your insurance claim is about a medical issue, you are required to have a medical document from a fully qualified doctor describing the illness condition and the method of treatment.

  •         Alcohol consumption.

Many travel insurance companies have particular policies about alcohol consumption. This means that an insurance claim may be voided if alcohol has affected the insured both directly or indirectly.