On The Water


What better way to acquaint yourself with the traits of Georgian Bay than to explore it by boat? The waters of the Bay are pristine and sparkling, perfect for pleasure boating of all types.

Our many lakes also provide an excellent arena for all your water sport desires. However, don’t limit yourself to just motor sports, Georgian Bay is world-renowned for its predilection to sailing and our smaller inland lakes are ideal for canoeing and kayaking.

Not so much its own lake, more so a bay off of the larger Lake Huron – nearly qualifying as one of the Great Lakes – is Georgian Bay.

World-renowned and celebrated for its rugged and spacious, yet intimate, landscape it has stirred the hearts and emotions of many a traveller – not the least of whom were the legendary artists the Group of Seven.

With its weathered pink granite outcroppings, wide expanse of clear blue waters, and signature wind-gnarled pines, Georgian Bay is a region of Canada that is unthinkable to miss.

Fish this area and expect to catch small and large-mouth bass, northern pike, pickerel, muskie, and salmon. Fathoms of deep, clear, plentiful waters await you and your fishing rod.