Seasonal Activities


Although Georgian Bay is exquisite at any given time, it seems especially stunning during the summer months with its sparkling waters resplendent in the sunshine.

The Bay & our surrounding lakes and rivers present nothing less than perfection in ideal swimming, boating, sightseeing and recreational conditions.

Whatever your preferred method of relaxation, you are sure to find the means and equipment to do it in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario, Canada.

Known almost as well for its copious number of inland lakes as it is for the 30,000 islands in the renowned Georgian Bay, Georgian Bay Country is one of the premier fishing areas in Ontario with a history of commercial and sport fishing predating the confederation of Canada.

The glimmering waters of the area produce ample wind and waves to allow for exciting sports like windsurfing and wakeboarding, but also house natural beauty and numerous shipwrecks beneath their surface, making scuba diving and swimming popular sports for visitors and locals.

Georgian Bay Country is a water-lover’s paradise; offering an abundance of water, and an abundance of ways to enjoy it.

Swimming, waterskiing, sailing, kayaking or canoeing; all can be enjoyed in the vast amounts of just the right stuff to float you or your boat.

Want to make sure that you don’t miss out on even one of the many facets of the Georgian Bay area? Go on a sightseeing tour of the area, guided by a knowledgeable local. Whichever means of transportation you prefer, boat, plane, helicopter, or ATV, be assured you will get an intimate and enjoyable picture of the Georgian Bay area.

Some of the most breathtaking vistas of the Georgian Bay Area can only be seen on our many walking trails. Whether your preference runs toward groomed, hard-packed routes, or toward rugged, backcountry paths, there is certain to be a trail to your liking near Georgian Bay. Affording you stunning views of both the Bay and the natural landscape that surrounds it, these trails are an experience not to be missed.


When old man winter arrives in the Georgian Bay Region of Ontario, Canada, he brings new and exciting activities such as snowmobiling, a game of pick-up hockey, cross-country skiing, ice-fishing, dog sledding, snowshoeing…just to name a few…and for the truly brave, a nice cold dip in the icy waters of Georgian Bay Country.

Though the Polar Dip enjoys a limited appeal, and many visitors to the area will happily pass on this bracing activity, please do not try polar dipping on your own. It is a very dangerous sport and should not be performed without trained supervision.

Snowmobiling in Georgian Bay Country is made possible by the Parry Sound District Snowmobile Club. This regional association made up of eight member snowmobile clubs, and one independent club have combined efforts of volunteers to create and maintain over 1,100 kilometers of picturesque trails winding their way through the beauty of the Georgian Bay coast and lake country.

The snowmobile trails link through the TOPS Trail System to the city’s of Barrie, Sudbury, and North Bay, as well as providing access to the neighbouring towns of Bracebridge and Huntsville in Muskoka.

Snowmobile riders this winter will be among the first to travel over the new bridge spanning the French River gorge.

This snowmobile bridge is Canada’s largest cable-supported recreational bridge. Be prepared for spectacular views.

Outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds will be enthralled by the unsurpassed beauty of the snow-covered pines and the frozen inland lakes of Georgian Bay Country. A spectacle that has warmed the hearts and souls of many.

Enjoy frosty evenings, toes warming by the fire at any one of the regions year round resorts and cottages.